Monday, 17 September 2012

the love fleas

So with my other hat on - that is to say, the hoarder of things curious and obscure (and possibly useless?) hat, here's a little something that I posted off today to a customer in Spain .....

'The Great Create'

On the 7th October at the Barn in Mells, myself and 7 other workshop tutors will be taking part in 'The Great Create', a charity fundraising event organised by Millie Moon Haberdashery.  All proceeds from ticket sales go to P.A.C (Positive Action on Cancer).
It should be a messy, sweaty, sticky fun day involving speed crafting, cakes, tea, guest speakers and a jelly roll race (look it up, it sounds insane!)

Please check out the links below for more info and pics of what to expect. Even better, buy a ticket and come along, I can absolutely one hundred percent guarantee that it will be an experience!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Somerset Arts Weeks

It's that exciting time of year again when you get to have a peek into artists' studios and workshops! I'm relieved to not be doing it this year so I have lots of time to go and be a punter! The favourite so far has been a little poke around Emma Scott's studio in Coleford, where there are also 3 other venues so well worth making the trip out there. Emma produces fantastic paintings and I love her sculptures/puppets too.

Baker papier mache puppet

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Porcelain spoon-organic series:stone, stick, bone, shell-ceramic wall art, serving spoon

A new series of spoons inspired by found natural treasures which I have held on to. I'm using Glacier white porcelain, white fires up beautifully and accented the bowls of the spoons with some transparent glaze. Textured and twisted, the series includes and exploits the cracks and quirks of porcelain. More to come...!

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