Monday, 25 June 2012

10 green bottles?

Well, nearly....I was going to make them, but the lure of the turquoise underglaze was too strong. So here we have 6 blue bottles....but please forgive the repeats of what seems to be the same image. I wanted to put together in one place all of the images which I had variously cropped and adjusted.

 I'm hoping to bring this project full circle: these latest ceramic pieces were inspired by studies of Dutch still life paintings, I know I've moved far away from the original source with these bottles but I wouldn't have done them otherwise. I want to paint them now on very small canvases. I'm a useless painter, but it's something I really want to try, and also like the idea of returning 3d objects to 2d images, reversing what originally started as bringing 2d still life studies into a 3d format with my ceramics.

If the finished canvases aren't too awful they'll be appearing here soon!


  1. These bottles look beautiful together; I look forward to seeing the paintings.

  2. Thanks Sue! I'm excited about doing them...I hope I don't disappoint myself!!