Sunday, 6 May 2012

Still life

The last few weeks have seen me in my studio working on some new pieces. I've been looking at the work of Willem de Claesz, a 17th century Dutch still life painter. I love Dutch art anyway, but was particularly taken with Willem's paintings after noticing a funny little pot which popped up in a couple of his studies. 

I decided to make a piece in response to this, giving the little pouring vessel a partner for company!
For more images of this group have a look at my etsy listing here:

Then I got hooked! And have been making little still life groups of vessels and cups, to sit as groups (nothing as useful as being functional sadly!)....just to be enjoyed for their stillness and calm. I hope you like them, there will be more posts on these to come...x

I'll be off to Amsterdam in August so I'm really looking forward to seeing some of Willem's work in the Rijksmuseum...

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  1. Jo, your still-life pieces are lovely. I definitely like them.

  2. Thanks Angela! They are a bit of a departure for me so I was a bit nervous about putting them out there.....I have a few little groups of vessels now and am continuing to build on them-do you think they might be suitable for the September project? They have been produced to work as parts of a whole....groups of objects that sit together, and will be sold as such. What do you think...?x

  3. these are perfect. i want the second set just as they are presented.
    wish i was home so i could come you your shop. rats!

  4. Don't panic! They will appear for sale on etsy soon! Thanks for your lovely comments though!xxx