Sunday, 29 April 2012

Vintage fair workshop

Here are some photos from my latest button workshop in Yeovil. Three participants, one of the girls had already been on a previous workshop and she was so pleased with her buttons she came back for more!

'The loft' is a great space above the cafe-Alison rents it out for workshops and classes. It offers lots of room to spread out and get creative, and downstairs there is the cafe so not too far to go for coffee and cake...

They worked really hard and were super focussed, but the results were worth it. Some really beautiful buttons were made with great care and concentration-well done!


  1. whaat a beautiful space! and there is something deeply inspiring/uplifting seeing people lost in their creative process....
    and just beautiful buttons!!

  2. Absolutely! I think people really relish knowing that for 3 or so hours they just need to stop and think about one thing necessary these days!