Friday, 11 June 2010

The Studio

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Here is some of my work in my studio/front of house!
There is a back room which is my dedicated clay space for getting mucky in. Stock will rotate according to what is being shipped out to galleries. Pop in if you're passing!

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Large angel. White earthenware with manganese oxide and gold lustre decoration

Recent work

Icarus...flew too close to the sun on wings made from feathers and beeswax. He has a little sunburst decorating front and back of his head.Black stoneware and white slip, with metal leaf and black slip decoration. Cast bases.
Currently on exhibition in Musgrove hospital, Taunton.

Photo Shoot for S.A.W

Publicity shot of Genie bottles, Love letters and Angels for Somerset Art Works. See link at top of home page for information on dates and venues for this year's event.