Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Love Heart Union Jack

Third in a series of banners/wall hangings made from denim, silk and satin.
Approx 100cm x 70 cm


White earthenware pieces with manganese oxide and gold lustre decoration

Sacred Heart

White Earthenware, red velvet underglaze and gold lustre.
10 inches tall

Herne the Hunter

More work from Somerset Art Week (small halo angel visible as well)
Herne also has a counterpart in Greek mythology in the form of Actaeon, the hunter. Caught spying on Artemis (or Diana) whilst she bathed with her nymphs, Actaeon was turned into a stag and devoured by his own hounds. Poor boy...

SacredHeart at the Swallet

Work on display at the Swallet (Becky's pieces in background)

Angels and Pegasus

White earthenware and gold lustre. Each figure 6 inches tall (inc.plinth).